VOROKHTA-HUB: Perspective project in touristic town

08/11/2016, 15:11:46

4Several years ago, we knew a small town Vorokhta as a large recreation center, where tourists could ride on a long cable car, a place of souvenir markets and ski stadium. Today tourists are increasingly choosing to holiday skiing in Bukovel in the Carpathian. Who would have thought that once upon a time a group of young and creative enthusiasts will offer so promising and innovative project of development of the city to the European level; the project of stimulation tourism industry, education and winter sports in Vorokhta. «Lyjhnyykurort» magazine are interested by the concept of «Vorokhta HUB» project including the investment and building design.

The idea of renovating Vorokhta town as a popular tourist place in Carpathian

There were two ideas, completely irrelevant. From one side — diploma work of OlenaChyslova«Extreme kinds of sport center: mountain bike, freestyle in the town Vorokhta, Ivano-Frankivsk region». From the other side — an idea and a huge enthusiasm of a social activist and owner of IT-company —VolodymyrZakaliuzhnyy to change life within the town, to provide a decent income for the population and to show how residents and tourists can to live in a multifunctional civil center.

At first, the architectural concept was aimed to develop sport tourism, renovation of cable way and hoists. But after a few meetings, the concept was changed to re-planning the building and to add some elements. AndriyTodoriv has been invited to help with the redesign and the result of it you can see now in photos.


What is the unique goal of this project, especially for the Ukrainian infrastructure?

Project organizers created a model of a new kind of public center in the small town that will be admirable for its forest preserves and will have a scenic view. This model is not only for young people but for all of those who’d like to get the experience of adventures and travels. We want to keep the youth in this town, so they can grow, learn and find work without a need to move into other cities. There’s a big chance to develop and promote the local farms and to renovate an export of the produce.

Also, we are aiming to set up the platform for business schools, which would help the community to use the natural resources carefully and to promote the region at all.
The main goal is MICE (Meetings. Incentives.Conferences.Exhibitions).It’s the concept of business tourism that connected with the planning and organization of corporate events and active sport entertainment. The space for living is set for 156 people with the three departments, one of which is a conference hall that can accommodate 100 people. Other two departments are intent to be a restaurant and a co-working hall for people, who’d like to work in the open space. So it means that everything will be equipped by the highest standards. Of course the planning provides for a medical center that will provide a professional medical help to residents and tourist.

How is this project looking right now?

The whole conceptual part is done now. We came up with the logo and official presentation of the project. So far, we are still working on business plan and continue to look for investors, mainly expecting to draw people to be co-founders from Ukrainian diaspora, local businessmen. One of the biggest supporter of the project is Ukrainian association of Eco tourism.

The organizers of «VorokhtaHUВ» invite the IT-corporations, which would like to have the possibility to work in the unique Carpathian environment; business schools, which would like to invest into human resources; foreign businessmen and non-profit organizations that would like be their investors in the future.

8When do you expect to finish the project?

We are planning to finish all build ideas of the project for 4 years. We hope that local government will support us with all future aspects including IT-camp and lectures for schoolchildren.

What effect this project will lead to the development of tourism in Ukraine?

It will definitely attract tourists from all over the world, especially from our neighborhood countries. The project will bring not only the new quality of tourism service, and also will turn a big income and cooperation between community and businesses. It will likely be a new age for the small towns.

Vorokhta HUB